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The main parts of sign is its English translation, on the base of “E” to change. In Chinese translation, “FU” means happy, and “EN” means kindness and rewards, two words together “FUEN” means pursuing happiness, and never forget to thanksgiving. “FUEN” is just English translation, it is very easy to recognize.

We do a little change of writing of words “E”, make it like a piece of fabric waving in the wind, which matches the company’s products. It’s not only fashion, but also very dynamic. Also, “E” represents “Internet”, which means FUEN emphasis on oriented Marketing, pursuing excellence and innovation.

The color of symbol is very attractive, and it is the same color of workshops. The orange color means positive and passional, and the blue color means steady and solid. It indicates that the FUEN people use the positive passion and steady work to take the challenge and create the better future.

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